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ナユタン星人 - 明星ギャラクティカ (ft.初音ミク) OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO (難易度Lv5)

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ナユタン星人 - “明星ギャラクティカ” ft. 初音ミク
NayutalieN - “Morning Star Galactica” ft. Hatsune Miku

Eve&Sou ver https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsx7NbfsPqM

Vocaloid:初音ミク(Miku Hatsune)

カラオケ音源→ http://piapro.jp/nayutalien
ナユタンtwitter→ https://twitter.com/NayutalieN
アルバム発売中→ http://nayutalien.com/

[ タイトル / Song Title ] 明星ギャラクティカ (Morning Star Galactica)
[ 投稿日 / Upload Date ] 2018-02-20
[ 作詞・作曲・絵・動画 / Music & Lyrics & Illustration & Video ] ナユタン星人 (NayutalieN)
[ 歌唱 / Vocal ] 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)

※There are a lot of videos uploaded on YouTube that are made very similar to the ones on this channel, but those are covers or fan dubs that I gave permission to upload and are NOT the original content. The original/official content is created by “Nayutalien” and are uploaded on this channel and this channel only. 

※The music videos on this channel are made and styled very similarly, but this is intended to appeal the creator’s originality. The music videos are not intended to be easily reused, but to show the creator’s feeling toward each creation. They may look very similar or very overused/reused, but each and every piece is made differently and are separate individual content.

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